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Maantiepyörät > 2017 MERIDA SCULTURA 5000

Tarjous 1790,00 €
  • Väri:Musta/vihreä
  • Etu-/takajarru :Shimano R561
  • Etuhaarukka:Road carbon Race
  • Etuvaihtaja:Shimano Ultegra D
  • Vaihdevivut:Shimano Ultegra
  • Istuinkannatin:MERIDA carbon Expert SB15 27.2
  • Kammet :Shimano RS500 50-34 [PF86]
  • Kiekot:Merida Expert SL pair
  • Ohjainkannatin:MERIDA Expert Carbon OS -5
  • Ohjaustanko:Merida Expert Compact road OS
  • Rengaskoko:25-622
  • Renkaat:Continental Ultra Sport II 25 fold
  • Runko:Scultura CF2 [PF86], hiilikuitu
  • Satula:Merida Sport
  • Takavaihtaja:Shimano Ultegra SS
  • Takapakka:Shimano CS-5800-11 11-28
  • Ketju:KMC X11
  • Runkokoko:54cm

The best of two worlds: externally shaped head tube with bigger diameter at the bottom and weight saving smaller diameter at the top. ‘X-Taper Headtubes’ always come with tapered forks or correct adapters fitted. Result: superb stiffness and precise steering even in the toughest conditions without increasing the weight of the frame unnecessarily.

The special “NACA Fastback” tube profiles of our WARP TT and REACTO base on the evaluation of data which were collected during comprehensive wind-tunnel tests (with and without pilot simulations). 
Particularly at the down-tube, seat-tube, and seat-stay sections, the drop-shaped tube designs with their cropped rear ends prove to be optimal in aerodynamic respect. This way, the essential factors of stiffness and aerodynamics can be combined ideally.

DI2 READY 2017
Like WorldTour pro riders, more and more technology-loving road riders trust in Shimano’s electronic Di2 shifting system, which is characterized by high reliability and efficient, effortless operability. Bikes/frames with the symbol “Di2 Ready” are optimally prepared for the installation of this technology – especially with a battery mounting possibility below the chain stay or in the seat post.

Rigid carbon front fork, in case of some models realized as full-carbon version. MERIDA carbon forks delight with outstanding vibration damping as well as with superb braking and lateral stiffness. Reliable steering and braking performance in every situation.

AWS 2017
Anti Wrinkle System – Due to its technological characteristics, carbon provides designers and developers with many excellent possibilities which are not offered by other raw materials used for bike building (e. g. aluminium). The special surface structure is particularly fascinating – but what does happen inside the frame? MERIDA utilizes specific mould inserts which reduce the wrinkling considerably. Result: More stiffness and durability but less weight.

Road bikes and MTB hardtails lack a suspension system at the rear. In this way, they do not only reach their low weight but turn each pilot-provided watt into propulsion. Yet a rigid rearstay transmits any shocks directly to the rider as well – this affects the athlete’s performance potential. But not in the case of our “Flex Stay” seat and chain stays: Their special design absorbs surface bumps and reduces occurring vibrations.

Elaborately shaped frame designs with special inlets and outlets for internally routed brake and/or shifter cables. “Clean” in a double sense: The bike looks uncluttered while the cables are protected effectively from moisture and dirt.

Carbon bikes are often subject to considerable strain. To increase the quality of the used material, MERIDA utilizes this premium technology: The carbon mats are enriched with special nanoparticles which strengthen the matrix of the epoxy resin. In this way, the impact resistance of the final component construction can be increased successfully by up to 40 %. “Nano Matrix Carbon” refines all MERIDA high-end bikes of Model Year 2014.